Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Extra Photos

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Super Swimmer Wendy Ingraham

Simon Lessing Indoors
Bikes made from round tubes.

Robin Brew Tapering
 (One of our) ace contributors: Scot Tinley
On your left: Paula Newby Fraser. Kevin Ferris on the right.
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Miss Montgomery (114) setting out to win ITU World Duathlon Champs in Dallas, Texas.
Probably a Mike Burrows design, he was the geezer that built the Lotus bike for Chris Boardman's hour record attack (if you can remember that far back).
Julian Goater - Running Articles
Julian: Shiny, State of the Art and more importantly Free! (if you can get the kind folk at 220 to print a big picture in the magazine). Life as a professional athlete was not just about winning the odd race, more of an entrepreneurial education.

Press Here
Heineken Portsmouth, the last ever UK Triathlete Magazine event?

Something Else our Arts & Leisure page with music and film reviews by Tom Guthrie of the St Croix Triathlon
Greg Welch Softriding to IM Hawaii victory
If I could remember I would tell you where I took this snap (now I'm told it's probably Ironbridge).
Cycling expert, Steve Cole was one of our Specialized contributors.
Here he is leading out Sean Kelly. But will he have enough left for the run?

I remember this race in Paris very well because my all cameras and kit were stolen out of my mate Max Malaurent's car that evening. When we found out Max ran into a local gay bar to ask if anyone had seen the culprits, suddenly realising where he was he made his exit even quicker! He should have sussed what kind of gaff it was because it was called Le RenversĂ©  :-)




  1. I've still got (and it's in good condition!) the Bell/Reebok 'Pump' Aero helmet I won for letter of the month in one of those! Actually, I think I've still got most of the magazines too...

    1. Sorry Mr Tri247 I've changed the picture at the top of the page. ¿You won a helmet for Letter of the Month?


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